Rod Wire - Overhead Pay-off System


The rod wire overhead pay-off system is preferably installed in front of drawing machines with very high inlet speeds, i.e. draw-rolling lines with 2 - 4 reductions for mesh wire production and in all cases where only a limited floor space area is available.

Mode of operation

The pay-off system works according to the principle of vertical overhead wire guidance. In case of appearance of a loop during operation, the following drawing line will be stopped automatically by an integrated loop-catcher. In order to guarantee a continuous operation of the drawing line as well as to have the possibility to load new rod coils and to weld them together, 2 hydraulically swivelling platforms with integrated carrier for take-up of the rod are installed on floor in front of the pay-off stand.

Technical Data

Loading capacity per platform up to 3.000 kg
Rod wire diameter range 5,50 - 13,0 mm
Pay-off speed up to 9 met per sec
Space requirement (LengthxDepthxHeight) approx. 6000 x 3200 x 6000 mm