Single and Double Pay-off Reel


For torsion-free pay-off of wire rod in front of a drawing machine

Method of operation:

The pay-off reel can be swivelled hydraulically. In its loading position a new rod coil can be put onto the reel by means of a fork-lift truck or crane with C-hook. The double pay-off can be turned hydraulically forward and backwards by 180°, thus allowing to put a new rod coil onto the empty reel during operation of the drawing machine.

Double Pay-off Reel

Design features


  • Without drive for forward motion bus with brake for permanent retraction OR with drive by frequency-controlled AC gear motor for forward motion according to speed of drawing machine
  • Emergency-stop brake
  • Automatic stop in case of wire loops
  • Mandril of reel exchangeable for different inner diameters of rod coils (option)

Technical Data

Loading capacity per reel up to 2,5 t
Rod wire dia. up to 20 mm
Pay-off speed up to 3,5 m/s
Space requirement (double pay-off) 4.000 x 4.000 mm